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ASHEBORO N.C. — The details surrounding an Asheboro man’s death are always on his mother’s mind, especially since she believes there are missing pieces of the puzzle.

According to Asheboro police, Brandon Embry was found inside of his locked apartment unconscious with several injuries last September. The police department was called to his apartment complex on Church Street in Asheboro to conduct a welfare check after several of his mother Sarah Lee’s attempts to contact him failed.

Embry was immediately transported to the hospital where he died a day later.

Lee is still going through the grieving over the loss of her son, who she considers an “angel.” She believes someone is connected to his death, especially since he had several cuts and bruises on his body.

“The injuries that he had to me look defensive to where he was trying to protect himself,” Lee said.

According to the eight-page autopsy report, the medical examiner deemed the cause of death to complications of pneumonia. The report also listed several injuries including lacerations and bruises.

“I believe that someone beat him and left him in a state — in a coma — and from that point he died,” Lee said.

Lee told FOX8 she believes he was with someone the day before. She also says someone could have had his spare key to his apartment.

“The dots don’t add up,” Lee said.

Asheboro police are still investigating the case and have not ruled Embry’s death as a homicide.

Investigators say based on the evidence collected from the scene, police are not ruling out the possibility of suicide.

But Lee said she knows her son wouldn’t have taken his own life. Embry was a Navy veteran and had an interest in bodybuilding. She describes her son as a “gentle giant” who had a heart of gold.

Lee is continuing to press for answers surrounding her son’s death.

“I’m doing it for Brandon. I want to find answers for him,” Lee said.

If you have any information on this case, contact Asheboro police.