Asheboro man preaches peace amid protests


ASHEBORO, N.C. — One Asheboro man preached love and understanding during passionate protests.

As protesters gathered across the country, and in Asheboro, Ru Rose made sure his city was not destroyed Monday night.

“I did not want to see any violence. It never solves anything. It only makes it worse,” he said.

Rose stood as the voice of calm, surrounded by people chanting downtown.

He showed FOX8 where things could have gotten violent during the protest.

Two groups met at the Old Courthouse on Worth Street. Some people stood in front of the Confederate statue, while others came to protest on behalf of George Floyd.

“One young man was talking about how badly blacks have been treated and can’t progress,” Rose said. “I just told him you can’t get violent. It will not make any of this better.”

He stood up in front of the two groups, preaching peace.

“Some of the protesters were saying I was with the guys at the statue. There was no favoritism here. I was just trying to help,” Rose said.

As he prepares for another potential gathering on Tuesday, he’s hoping others will listen to his message.

“This does not have to be like everywhere else. We have to live here. We need to be people who are after peace,” Rose said. “People who want to work together. That’s the only way it’s going to work.”

Rose also told FOX8 the police department did a great job making sure nothing got out of hand, without overstepping.

He’s hoping people attending any future protests will join him in being non-violent during these tense times.

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