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ASHEBORO, N.C. — Old stores and empty banks are coming down, and new stores and gathering places are going up at Randolph Mall in Asheboro. 

Not only is new ownership bringing new construction, they are also renaming the nearly 40-year-old shopping center. Randolph Mall is now Asheboro Mall.

John Mulherin is the vice president of government relations for the Hull Property Group. Hull Property Group specializes in turning around malls in smaller cities like Asheboro. Mulherin is convinced that Asheboro Mall will be another success story. 

“One of the things you have to do is you have to reinvest in the property,” Mulherin said. “There is no such thing as bad property just bad stewards of property.”

Being a good steward means fixing up the place. The old Sears space at the back of the mall is gone. Mulherin said it will be replaced with something Asheboro Mall needs: a backdoor.

“So we are going to have a new entrance to the back of the mall, two outward facing store fronts that will be more attractive and more leaseable,” Mulherin said.

Hull Property Group will also build a plaza that will give people an easier way to get to the movie theater. In front of the mall, a bank was knocked down and will be replaced by several stores. 

That’s a plan Carolyn Lineberry supports.

“I’m excited.  I’m looking forward to new stores coming in. I don’t do a lot of shopping, but I do do a lot of looking,” Lineberry said.

Inside, there’s new carpeting, better lighting, higher ceilings and freshly painted walls that serve two purposes. First, the walls cover empty store space. Second, the walls are also a canvas where Asheboro and Randolph County can see themselves.

“Typically, we work with the historical society, chamber of commerce because they have a lot of the historical photographs,” Mulherin said. “We work with the libraries to obtain the different murals and things of that nature.”  

The Asheboro Mall will be a must see when the renovations are done. 

Anna Hill and her family are looking forward to the new look.

“So much diversity, and you can find almost everything you are looking for and see your friends. It’s a good place to come,” Hill said.

While Hull Property Group wouldn’t say how much money they are spending, they referred to it as a “sacrificial investment” because tenants are not paying for the renovations. 

The group hopes to have most of the improvements done before holiday shopping season.