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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Three men were charged Saturday in connection to reports of men waving guns from a Miami Beach balcony Friday afternoon, the Miami Herald reported.

Artur Schaback and Ivan Suhharev, both 28, were charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous firearm. Mohamed Azab Youssef, 39, was charged with possession of cocaine and possession with the intent to sell hashish.

Schaback and Suhharev took turns waving an AR-15 on an apartment balcony, authorities said. They each took turns wearing a mask, and taking photographs of each otherpointing the gun at citizens walking by.

After multiple 911 calls, roads leading to the building were closed for several hours.

Police arrived at the scene and took four men into custody. They also found the AR-15, more than 500 rounds of ammunition, a switch blade, a box containing drug paraphernalia, a container containing suspected hashish, and a container containing suspected cocaine.