Ardmore community in Winston-Salem on edge after indecent exposure incidents


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A man seen exposing himself in the Winston-Salem Ardmore community has neighbors concerned after at least two recent reports of indecent exposure were reported to police.

Authorities told FOX8 a woman was out walking her dog on Melrose Street and Sherwood Drive when a man driving by approached her for driving directions. Next, the victim told police the guy exposed himself and began touching on his private area in a sexual manner.

Neighbors were reacting to the disturbing discovery Thursday afternoon.

“I’m a father of an 8-year-old boy so the concern grows with me just thinking about it,” said John Stakeman, a longtime resident of the Ardmore community.

Other parents like Sam Muller who spend a lot of time in the outside plan to be more viligent while out in the neighborhood.

Another indecent exposure case was reported less than a fourth of a mile from Melrose Street on Feb. 10 around noon. In the 600 block of Fenimore Street, investigators say another woman was approached my by a man with the exact same details and then exposes himself.

“I was born and raised in Winston-Salem and this is the first time I’ve run into something like that someone exposing themselves — makes me scared makes me worried but I know it’s nothing we can’t handle,” John Stakeman said.

It’s an unnerving situation for people who deemed their community a place with very little to few disturbances.

“We enjoy all the liberties of being able to walk around the neighborhood and going to the park a couple of blocks away so the idea that you got somebody that’s that bold or willing to do something that awful it makes you sort of re-think those,” Sam Muller said.

WSPD is actively investigating both incidents. They’re asking for the public’s help especially if you encounter this person — they want you to try to get a good description of the person, their vehicle and the direction in which their heading.

If you have any information contact police.

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