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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A major roadway project is close to opening, helping make for an easier commute and it’s just in time for Christmas.

North Carolina DOT crews are putting the final touches on two miles of the Greensboro Urban Loop.

“We take it on a daily basis,” said Greg Fleming, who lives near the six-lane highway. “I think what they’ve done has been highly efficient.”

Crews are scheduled to open a completed portion of Interstate 840 between Lawndale Drive and Elm Street on Wednesday. Construction on this specific portion started in April 2018.

“The asphalt has been laid down twice or so over the past month and there’s a lot of hardware,” said Taiki Azuma, who runs near the area several times a week. “The traffic lights have been going up in the past week.”

There are two new traffic lights up on Elm Street at the on and off ramp of the interstate.

“It’s just going to continue to improve,” Fleming said. “It is Greensboro’s own miniature capitol beltway.”

This stretch is a part of the larger northern loop between Lawndale Drive and U.S. 29. It’s another step towards completing the 44-mile loop around Greensboro, alleviating traffic jams and headaches for drivers.

“Through neighborhoods or up Battleground where it’s a little more congested,” Fleming said.

The northern loop costs taxpayers $121 million. The entire Greensboro Urban Loop project costs nearly half a billion dollars.

“Our dollars need to contribute to the things we’re all using,” Fleming said. “It’s good to see progress.”

Once completed it should be able to carry nearly 100,000 cars and trucks a day. Crews plan to connect this part of the loop to U.S. 29 by late 2022.

“You got to keep growing,” he said. “The city’s got to keep growing.”

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