American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro rebranded as AHA International School ahead of reopening

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The former-American Hebrew Academy will start its first year back in business with a new name.

The homepage of features a video that opens with text, reading “Welcome, AHA International School, The Elite College Prep Boarding School in the United States.”

The school closed suddenly in June, but, in September, the school was revived with plans to reopen for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The website also says the academy is looking for candidates for all faculty and staff positions.

FOX8 sat down with Executive Director Glenn Drew in September to discuss the academy’s future shortly after news broke of the school’s return.

“We had to come to a realization that continuing the mission of the academy as it was originally envisioned was no longer sustainable,” he said.

Drew described the American Hebrew Academy as a family.

“It was a community of people who cared and nurtured children in a very, very unique environment,” he said.

Now, with a $26 million investment from Puxin, a Chinese education company, he hopes to have a fresh start, with a different focus and a re-brand.

“With a more expansive enrollment policy, we’re going to be recruiting across the globe,” Drew said. “So that means students coming from countries where we weren’t able to recruit before, clearly are going to now have the opportunity to come. That includes areas of the Middle East, areas of Asia and beyond.”

The academy will put a greater emphasis on accelerated learning and innovation.

“It’s also going to offer the largest and most innovative and technologically advanced campus in the city,” Drew said.

He said enrollment for the first year is expected to be only 150-175 students for ninth, 10th and 11th grades.

Drew’s goal is to eventually have more than 450 students on the 100-acre campus working closely with the Greensboro community.

“The academy invested tens of millions of dollars into the city. Through opportunities in employment, through travel. It became an international ambassador, if you will,” Drew said.

He hopes the academy will help move the next generation, and the city of Greensboro, forward.

“We live in a society now that is based on globalization. Greensboro is no different. Look around and we see international companies who have invested here,” he said. “Our universities are also filled with international students. It’s time that we do that at the high school level as well.”

Drew said he has had a lot of inquiries already about the school, both for enrollment and employment. They will offer jobs to former faculty and staff.

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