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GREENBORO, N.C. – Amazon Flex drivers say they are out of a job after the company packed up and left its Greensboro pickup stations.

Now, the delivery drivers, you’ve likely seen in plain clothes dropping of packages at homes, want to know why they are no longer needed.

“I feel like we still should’ve been let known something. Not just left out in the cold,” said Nikkia Dixon, a local driver.

She and Lance Nuckolls drive for Amazon Flex fulltime.

Last week, they and more than 100 others, who are part of a Greensboro Amazon Flex Facebook group, started hearing rumors that the two package pickup stations at storage facilities in town might shut down. Shortly after that, the available delivery routes stopped showing up on their apps.

“It came out of the blue,” Nuckolls said.

A representative with Amazon sent FOX8 the statement below.

We regularly evaluate business needs to ensure we’re dedicating resources to efficiently and effectively serve customers, and make adjustments from time to time. Amazon Flex continues to offers individuals great earnings, flexible hours and the opportunity to be their own boss in Charlotte and Raleigh.

The representative also reiterated that the drivers are independent contractors.

“I just feel like even though we are independent contractors, it just shows that Amazon doesn’t really care about us,” Dixon said.

On Monday afternoon, local drivers said they received an email from Amazon that said it would no longer be offering delivery blocks in Greensboro beginning Tuesday, November 13th.

FOX8 went by the local package pickup stations and it looked like the company was already gone on Monday.

“There’s definitely going to be a little strain there because I have three kids in school,” Dixon said.

“It’s definitely going to hurt at Christmas because that’s money that has to be used for food, to pay the electric bill,” Nuckolls said.

The email Amazon Flex sent out to drivers encourages them to look into delivering packages in Raleigh and Charlotte.