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SNOW CAMP, N.C. —  An Alamance County man is suing his church, claiming they are at least partially responsible his divorce.

Warren Pegram attended the Quaker church Cane Creek Meeting of the Society of Friends with his wife. Pegram claims the church plotted against him and members helped his wife actually move out.

“I think the church had a great deal to do with it. I won’t say they’re 100% responsible but they certainly made it happen. I don’t think she could’ve moved out if the church didn’t help her. They provided all the people to move the stuff,” explains Pegram.

Pegram says his wife was responsible for 60% of the household bills. Since she moved out in February, he’s struggled financially.

“They conspired with my wife to abandon me because they wanted to punish me… because I did not want to associate with the relationship with the pastor,” explains Pegram. 

Pegram says the lawsuit isn’t about affection – it’s about what he calls financial assault.

“I sued them for $180,000 and $10 million in punitive damages because churches should just not do that,” says Pegram.

He said he will not get an attorney because he understands it’s a case not heard too often.

“You have to understand suing a church is not a feather in the cap of any attorney,” says Pegram.

He’s saying his prayers and is confident he will win his case.

FOX8 spoke with the pastor of the church, Mark Tope. He told us over the phone he’s been the pastor for nine years but other than that he had not comment.

The next hearing for the case is scheduled for next week.