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Update: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office just tweeted that 11 hostages are now out of the bank. WJXT reports the suspect has surrendered and is in custody.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police are on the scene of a hostage situation at Community First Credit Union in Florida.

The JFRD Incidents page posted about the incident on Twitter Thursday morning: “‘Active shooter’ in the area of Edgewood Ave intersecting Orland & Fernandina Ave. Avoid the area until further notice.”

Police say the suspect has multiple hostages, First Coast News reports. Police say following the first call to 911 there was a second call that stated there were shots fired. Police can not confirm if there was someone shot.

A witness on scene told First Coast News that she was in the credit union drive through when the robbery happened. She said she saw multiple bank tellers walking through the building with their hands up.

Authorities believe it’s only one suspect and the exact number of people inside the bank is currently unknown.

The Swat team is currently at the scene and some of the immediate area has been evacuated, including nearby businesses.

WJXT spoke to a woman who has an 18-year-old son working in the bank. She says just after 9 a.m., she began receiving calls from friends and relatives about someone being held hostage in the bank. “This is a total shock and I’m so nervous,” said Latasha Shuman. “I keep calling his phone and it keeps going to voicemail.” Shuman says her son has worked at the bank for just 2-3 months and has never had any issues or problems at work. If she could get in touch with her son, Shuman said her message to him would be, “momma is praying for you. I know you’re covered and I’m just praying that you’re OK.”