Action Greensboro looking to attract more ‘boomerangs’ back to the Gate City


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Action Greensboro is looking to bring more boomerangs back to the city, which is a way to attract more professionals and possible businesses to the area.

Boomerangs are people who grew up or attended college in Greensboro and have moved back after living in another city.

Cecelia Thompson, the executive director of Action Greensboro said Wednesday a new campaign hopes to attract more professionals to the area.

“What we’re saying is they grew up and so did Greensboro. Greensboro has grown a lot in the time that people have been away. We have a new performing arts center. We have more parks and greenways. We have a great quality healthcare system. We’ve got schools. We’re investing in to make sure they’re the best schools we can have, so a lot has happened in the time people have been away,” Thompson explained.

Action Greensboro plans to reach out to prospective boomerangs directly, offering resources like connections to cowering spaces or Air BnB rentals.

“We’ll also be doing a wide net outreach to alumni groups, high school alums, college alums, headquarters here that my have employees elsewhere who are now remotely and can come back to Greensboro,” she said.

With more people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Thompson said the campaign can help tip the scales in the city’s favor.

“COVID has really changed our mindset in terms of what kind of place we want to live in,” she said. “Companies have said we might not be coming back to the office,. It’s really a time for people to think about ‘maybe I can move to Greensboro, save some money, have the same quality of life but be close to friends and family.’”

“Greensboro is a place where you can come home and you can be home,” said Adam Paul, who moved back to the area several years ago with his family.

Paul previously lived in Charleston for about 20 years. He said the city began to feel crowded, and he and his wife began looking for a new home.

“It basically hit us right then that man, you know, we we’ve been looking all around. We had this beautiful, incredible, cost-effective, safe, amazing schools, all that kind of stuff place right in front of us,” he said.

As CEO of a production company, Paul still travels regularly but said Greensboro is truly his home.

“I yearn for home. It feels like I get away from the rat race and to come back to a place where it’s got all the stuff, but it’s also very safe,” he said.

Thompson said the campaign can help the community as a whole.

“We need smart people to come here, fill our jobs and create jobs of the future. So whether they are bringing a job here, maybe starting a business here, or they’re working remotely, they’re going to contribute to the community and become leaders I think,” she said.

You can find more details about the campaign here on their website.

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