Action Greensboro collecting bikes for ‘Wheels on the Greenway’

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Big bikes, small bikes. It doesn’t matter to Action Greensboro volunteers. Laura Lorenz said she is thrilled that the bicycles keep rolling in.

“We take any kind of bikes. Whether they need new tires, whether they are in perfect shape, we have lots of volunteers that will repair the bike, pump up the tires and replace parts if needed,” Lorenz said.

Action Greensboro and their partners are collecting bikes for “Wheels on the Greenway.” The fun day will take place May 4 on the Downtown Greenway at Morehead Park. Folks are encouraged to bring their bikes and pedal on the greenway from 2 to 4 p.m. But not everyone has a bike. That’s why Action Greensboro is collecting bikes and allowing volunteers like Sheldon Herman to check them over.

“Make sure the wheels are straight,” Herman said.

The inspection doesn’t stop at the wheels. Herman moves on to the brakes.

“Ok, there’s a front brake that’s rubbing. So there’s a problem there I need to deal with,” Herman added.

After a few tweaks, the bikes are ready for a test ride. Cory Phillips is a part of Crumley Roberts outreach team. As Phillips pedals away from Herman’s workshop, he recalls why he fell in love with cycling.

“We can all remember being on our first bicycle and taking off and our hair in the wind,” Phillips said. “That feeling of being on your bicycle is pretty empowering.”

That’s the feeling Action Greensboro and its partners want to spread. Gently-used bikes will be given to adults as well as students at Jones Elementary and Hope Academy. With the bikes, folks can use them on the downtown greenway or bike through their neighborhoods. Josh Mullins is the head of schools at Hope Academy. Mullins explained why his students and others would enjoy getting a bike.

“I think they will put them to good use. Hope Academy is in the Glenwood Community, so there are a lot of places for them to ride and get to,” Mullins said.

The last bike collection day is Thursday, April 4, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Morehead Park on the Downtown Greenway.

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