Absentee voters in Davidson County notice label inconsistency on ballots


LEXINGTON, NC. — Voters in Davidson County have found inconsistencies on absentee ballots.

FOX8 viewers reached out to us after noticing the labels on their envelopes had information cut off. 

Reid Eddinger has been using the mail to vote for years. He can’t stand for long periods of time and prefers to fill out his ballot from the comfort of his home.

This year, something caught his eye.

“If you would look at the back of the ballot to see whose it was, then you’d look at the top and see another name,” Eddinger explained.

The labels on his wife and son’s envelopes were partially cut off and showed a different name.

“My wife was very unhappy about it. They printed like a row of labels. And when they went to splice them, they got off,” Eddinger said.

Eddinger’s family worried their votes wouldn’t count or would be miscounted because the names didn’t match up.

“You turn them in, and it’s theirs, and that’s it,” Eddinger said.

Instead of dropping them in the mailbox, they dropped by the Davidson County Election’s Office and learned their votes are still valid.

Board of Elections Director Ruth Huneycutt told FOX8 what happened is nothing new.

Labels can sometimes get clipped. But as long as the barcode shows, the ballots will still be counted correctly. 

“They really have nothing to worry about because program uses the barcode and the CIV number. So the name doesn’t really have any meaning to anyone except the board of elections,” Huneycutt explained.

Even if the name on the white envelope isn’t yours.

“There’s no need to worry about it because there’s no problems with it,” Huneycutt said.

Huneycutt encourages people to mail in their absentee ballots and says election staff is working around the clock to make sure everyone’s information is correct.

So far, they’ve sent out 10,400 absentee ballots.  

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