9-year-old in Randolph County talks to astronaut


RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — 9-year-old Louie Barton and his mother Gina love logging onto Facebook to watch and listen to astronauts read stories from the International Space Station. 

Recently, the program known as “Story Time from Space” did something out of the ordinary: they read their story live and took questions after. 

Louie has always been thrilled about science and couldn’t wait to participate.   

“I love it because I love animals,” Barton said. “My science teacher…knows a lot about science and the experiments and everything about it.”

The observations and experiments even continue at home, which is okay with mom.

“He would come and steal all of my baking soda and vinegar and have science experiments on the back deck,” Gina Barton said. “He loves science and nature.”

Louie explained another reason why he almost never misses “Story Time from Space.”

“They are reading the story, and they are floating around while they are reading the story,” he said.

When the astronaut Shannon Walker was done reading it was question and answer time, and Louie was ready. 

He asked, “Can you see the world’s largest beaver dam from space.?”

Louie’s question was not delayed, it was asked live.

“I was a little nervous,” he said.

Well, the astronaut didn’t know. But thanks to Louie, Walker said the next time the International Space Station flew over Canada, she will be looking out for it.

“It’s twice the size of the Hoover Dam, and you can see the Hoover Dam from space,” Louie said. “So I bet you can see the dam I am talking about.”

If the astronauts can’t spot the world’s largest beaver dam, I bet when Louie becomes an astronaut, he will.

The world’s largest beaver dam is in a remote section of Alberta, Canada. 

Located in Wood Buffalo National Park, scientist estimate multiple generations of beavers were able to build a dam that’s at least 2,790 feet long. 

Scientist also estimate beavers began construction in the 1970s.

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