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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – According to newly-filed court documents, nine new suspects have been charged in connection with a November murder in Oklahoma City.

Police were called to the intersection of SW 44th and Richmond Road at 2:52 a.m. on Nov. 27, 2021, concerning a body lying on the side of the road.

There, they found Konner Huckeby dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Detectives obtained Huckeby’s TextNow number and Facebook page address. They subpoenaed records to find out who Huckeby was in communication with around the time of the homicide.

Text messages were sent between Huckeby and Danielle Velez around the time of Huckeby’s death.

Mugshot of Danielle Velez
Danielle Velez, Courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center

According to court documents, Velez and Huckeby arranged to meet at the hotel Huckeby was staying at. Officials say hotel surveillance confirms this meeting.

That security camera footage also showed Huckeby entering a white Ford F-150 (similar to the vehicle description Velez gave Huckeby for the deal) before appearing to attempt to exit the vehicle several times as it drove off.

“Huckeby is not seen again until his body is found at SW 44th Street and S Richland Road,” said the affidavit.

Velez was arrested Jan. 5, 2022, and James Selman was arrested on Feb. 10, 2022, after his wireless device tracked him to the hotel and to where Huckeby’s body was found.

mugshot of James Selman
James Selman, Courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center

According to the affidavit, Huckeby was an alleged member of the Bloods. The court documents reveal that two “high-ranking” members of the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, Kyle Morris and Rusty Williams, ordered other members to murder a Blood as part of the ongoing war between the rival gangs.

The documents say the war between the gangs has been going on since mid-2019.

Now, nine others have been named in connection to Huckeby’s death.

The new court records show that after being taken away in the truck, the group was involved in beating Huckeby in a parking lot. The documents also say Huckeby was “forced to humiliate himself and denounce the Blood gang.”

He was then stabbed by James Selman, according to court records.

The court documents say the gang then drove Huckeby to the intersection where his body was later found. There, Jordan Shaw shot the alleged Blood in the head with a rifle and Dommenic Selman shot him in the stomach with another gun twice, according to court records.

According to court documents, the group allegedly rendezvoused at Kyle Morris’ wife, Jacquelyn Stiner’s, home before and after the murder. According to court records, she paid the group members for their role in the killing. Stiner is currently not under arrest.

Mugshot of Jacquelyn Stiner
Jacquelyn Stiner. Oklahoma Department of Corrections mug shot 1/8/2021

Along with Velez and Selman, Russell D. Butler, Jordan T. Shaw, Joshua C. Arnett, Justin J. Stacy, Rusty Ray T. Williams, Kyle D. Morris, Michael W. Young Jr., Dommenic L. Selman, and Kevin C. Nicholas have been charged with Murder in the First Degree, Kidnapping, and Conspiracy to Commit a Felony.