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HAPEVILLE, Ga. — A man put his mother in the care of an assisted living facility while he was on a trip. When he came back, however, he realized something had gone horribly wrong, WXIA reports.

Travor Moore, a 5th grade teacher, usually takes care of his mother, 66-year-old mother, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia and is non-verbal.

When he had to go on a trip, he entrusted her to Hapeville Manor Assisted Living Facility.

An earlier stay in October 2018 went by with no complaints, but this time, from December 2018 to early January 2019, was different.

On Jan. 2, Moore picked up his mother from the facility to find her with bruises on her cheek and shoulder.

“He knew something had happened very badly to his mom, not only because of those marks, but she didn’t walk to him and she was shaking like she was scared,” Moore’s attorney Evan Jones said, according to WXIA.

Chey Higgins, the administrator at the facility, allegedly told Moore the bruises were from carpet burn. When pressed, she said the carpet burn was caused by her glasses.

It wasn’t until Moore was giving his mother a bath that he made another startling discovery: burn marks.

The woman’s shoulders, legs and knuckles were dotted with small burns.

Moore confronted staff at Hapeville Manor and learned the burns were from a lit cigarette.

“I call it an act of torture,” Jones said.

The lawsuit alleges Britney Thomas, a woman with an extensive criminal history, was the woman’s caretaker and was responsible for the wounds, WXIA reports.

Thomas was fired once police started investigating and charged with aggravated assault.

The defendants in the lawsuit are Hapeville Manor, Donovan Christie who runs day-to-day operations, and Anwan Wellness, LLC, Christie’s medical practice.