50 drunken elephants ransack village in India, drink 130 gallons of moonshine


This photo, taken in 2011, shows an elephant on the streets in India (Associated Press)

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INDIA — Fifty drunken elephants caused havoc in an Indian village after they destroyed three homes and downed nearly 130 gallons of moonshine on Sunday, reported the Times of India.

The herd was drawn out of a nearby forest by the strong smell of Mahua and raised a shop that stocks the drink, according to the report.

Villagers managed to drive away the elephants, however not before they drank all of the shop’s moonshine in a matter of minutes.

“Unfortunately these animals live in close proximity to man and they recognized the smell of the drink,” police spokesman Asish Samanat explained.

“They were like any other drunk – aggressive and unreasonable but much, much bigger,” he said.

According to the report, the elephants were part of a herd of 120 that arrived from a nearby town.

Police asked villagers to help them escort the elephants back to the other town.

“They’ll have one heck of a hangover,” Samanat said.

Source: Times of India

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