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HARRISBURG, N.C. — A 5-year-old girl found a gun in a North Carolina restaurant’s public restroom and the weapon belonged to a State Bureau of Investigation agent.

WBTV reported that the agent returned to the restaurant to get the gun back shortly after the girl found it.

The young girl reportedly found the gun inside a stall in a bathroom at the Mexicasa Restaurant & Grill in Harrisburg on Saturday night.

The girl then told her parents and the restaurant’s staff got the gun and called the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office.

An agent working for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation returned to get the gun as the sheriff’s office was on the scene.

An internal investigation about the issue is underway. Authorities said the girl did the right thing by reporting the gun. Her parents said they teach her about gun safety.

“I know we’re all human, we all make mistakes. That’s a pretty big mistake for my 5-year-old little girl to find a gun in the bathroom,” said Jody Sarris, the girl’s father.