5-year-old girl bitten by black widow spider

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MENDON, Mass. — A 5-year-old Massachusetts girl is recovering after she was bitten by a black widow spider last week.

Kristine Donovan noticed an area on her daughter Kailyn’s leg that looked like a bruise, according to WBZ. When it turned black, Donovan took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, infectious disease specialists confirmed it was a black widow bite.

“She never felt it bite her,” Kristine said. “It could have been in her jeans in the location where it bit her, we just don’t know.”

Black widows are considered to be one of the most venomous spiders in the world and their bites kill flesh.

The 5-year-old is now being treated with antibiotics and the bite is healing.

Even though Kailyn is expected to make a full recovery, Kristine plans to take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’re going to be spraying, and they’re going to come in the house and do some spraying in here too,” Kristine told the station. “But the doctor said it definitely was outside, they don’t chase people. It probably was bothered. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work, it probably upset one of them and she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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