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AUGUSTA, Ga. — A 4-year-old Georgia girl’s kind words helped ease an elderly man’s pain after he lost his wife.

Tara Wood and her daughter Norah were at the grocery store picking up cupcakes for Norah’s birthday when the little girl noticed a gentleman who drew her attention.

Tara documented the adorable interaction in a Facebook post on Sept. 28.

“She was sitting in one of those carts that look like a car or truck or whatever when an older gentleman walked by. We’d passed several other elderly customers but she seemed magnetically drawn to this man,” the post partially said. “Her face lit up like the sun, she waved excitedly, and said “Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!” He was furrow-browed but his expression softened when he realized she was speaking to him. “Well hello little lady! And how old are you today?” he asked. They chatted for a few seconds and it was super adorable.”

After the encounter, the pair began to go their separate ways when Norah asked her mother if she could take a picture with him for her birthday. So they found him and asked him if he’d fill her birthday wish.

The Facebook post said he looked confused and stunned by the request, but happily accepted.

Soon after Tara published the Facebook post, she was contacted by a person who knew the man. The person told her his name was Dan Peterson and the grocery store was the first time they’d seen him smile since his wife died.

Several days later, the two were on their way to his house.

“He had been so lonely,” said Wood, according to Hot Topics. “We covered 30 years of stuff. He was just ping-ponging around. He’s had a fascinating life. He’s had some tragedy in his life. He was just so grateful to have someone listen to him. The whole time, Norah was just curled up in his lap like she’s known him forever.”

Since the first visit, Tara and Norah have been visiting Peterson regularly.