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REIDSVILLE, N.C. — A $3,000 reward — $1,500 for each horse — is being offered for two horses missing since Oct. 10 from Flintrock Farm, located at 221 Flintrock Trail off Hwy. 158 in Reidsville, according to a news release.

Bo, owned by Morgan Jones, is a blackish Quarter Horse gelding, has a white blaze on his face and a white sock on his right hind leg. He has a freeze brand on the left hip with the letters NK.

Riley, owned by Joanne Gray, is a brown Belgian gelding with blond mane and tail. He also has a white blaze on his face.

An intense search has been underway ever since these horses escaped their pasture at the farm. Many people have been searching in the woods along with drone operators, para-pack operators, and trackers as well as spreading the word about the horses. Many Rockingham County workers have been very supportive and country music artist Stephanie Quayle has joined the search team.

Both horses are listed with an all-volunteer national nonprofit organization based in Shelby, N.C., Stolen Horse International, also known as NetPosse. The organization has specialized experience working with victims on search and recovery of missing, stolen, and lost horses. NetPosse is helping with the dissemination of NetPosse Alerts on social media platforms, mailing list, the webpages, flyers and contacting people both locally and nationwide.

The North Carolina Animal Response Team, (NC ART), is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the technical, emergent response and rescue of horses, livestock and domestic animals has helped organized search teams and keeping track of ground operations. Once the horses are found they are ready to assist in bringing them home.

Horses are herd animals and may seek pastures with other horses or may be drawn to feeding areas for deer. It is bow hunting season and the owners of Bo and Riley have a request for hunters in the area: “If you are a hunter, you may be in the ideal location to see our horses. If you see them or evidence of horses where you did not expect it (hoof prints or manure) particularly within a 20-mile radius of Flintrock Farm, please let us know. We will come out and search from there,” says Morgan Jones, Bo’s owner.

Judy Jones, the mother of Morgan Jones, says, “We are so grateful for all of the time and resources being donated. We are surrounded by truly caring and generous people.”

Since the horses have not been located, the search has expanded to other areas just in case someone has found the horses and doesn’t know where they belong. Sometimes these horses end up in places that no one expects. If you attend horse auctions, please be on the lookout for Bo and Riley.

Riley and Bo’s owners are asking the public to print flyers from the NetPosse webpages and post them in the community. Print the flyer for Riley at, and for Bo at

If found, call the Rockingham County Sheriff Office at (336) 634-3066 or (336) 634-3232.