3 Winston-Salem day care workers charged in child neglect case

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The parents of a one-year-old boy left alone in a day care told FOX8 that he was found with dried tears on his face after workers allegedly failed to make sure he had been picked up before closing.

Mercedez Goodine, the child’s mother, said the one-year-old’s name is Isaiah Shore Goodine.

Mercedez told FOX8 that the day care, Future Leaders Learning Academy at 945 North Cleveland Avenue in Winston-Salem, normally stays open until 11:30 p.m., so parents who have to work late have someone to watch their children.

Mercedez said that on Monday night, she arrived at the day care around 9:40 to pick up Isaiah. However, she told FOX8 the doors were locked, the lights were off and it seemed as though nobody was inside.

NOTE: The police report had the time of the incident listed 10:44 p.m.

“I just immediately panicked,” Mercedez said.

Winston-Salem Police were then called in an attempt to locate Isaiah and found the one-year-old inside the facility.

“He had cried himself to sleep lying down in there with the lights off,” said Isaiah’s father, Keddrick Shore.

Police say their investigation showed that staff members had closed the business before making sure all of the children had been picked up. As a result, three of the day care workers were cited with non-physical child abuse.

“I’m just glad that he’s OK, and safe, and back with me today, because anything could have happened,” said Mercedez. “It could have been way worse.”

The workers, listed as “arrestees” on the police report, are Charlotte Vernetta Sims, 27, Shantay Ricole Patterson, 27, and Santana Janelle Mobley, 26, all of Winston-Salem. The incident was labeled as “child neglect.”

Patterson has prior court dates pending for driving with a revoked license and having an expired tag.

While trying to contact the director of the day care, FOX8’s Michael Hennessey had the front door of the business slammed in his face. FOX8 also attempted to contact the day care via telephone, but the line was busy each time.

However, Mercedez did tell FOX8 what the day care workers said to her after Isaiah was found.

“They just apologized,” Mercedez said, of the day care workers. “They said they [were] so sorry, they didn’t know he still was in there.”

Isaiah’s parents told FOX8 he had only been going to the day care for two months and will not be returning there.

“He’s taking a break from the day care thing,” said Shore. “Probably won’t even go back to day care.”

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