’24 hours a day, no dogs’: Dog owners issued animal cruelty citations for breaking beach laws


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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Jay Veenendaal’s 3-year-old pitbull, Bella, had her pads burnt when she was a puppy, WTKR reports.

Now Veenendaal does all he can to keep Bella’s feet safe, including having her wear shoes and socks.

It’s not just unsafe for Bella to take summer walks on the beach. It’s also against the law.

“There’s no dogs allowed period on the sand beaches there. At all – 24 hours a day, no dogs,” said Meghan Conti, a supervisor with Virginia Beach Animal Control.

Animal Control officers issued four animal cruelty citations when people took their pets out on the sand this weekend.

Officers have issued 74 citations overall since Memorial Day weekend.

Conti said they officers struggle with this every year.

“We encourage people to take their dogs to the dog parks where they can legally take them off leash and allow them to run,” Conti said.

Dog owners like Veenendaal are encouraging other owners to put themselves in their dog’s paws.

“If you walk outside and you take your shoes off and you walk across the sand and concrete and it hurts your feet, it’s going to hurt their feet,” Veenendaal said.

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