21 cases of coronavirus reported at Clapps nursing home in Pleasant Garden; 12 staff members test positive


GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A Guilford County nursing home has a confirmed coronavirus outbreak.  

21 residents at the Clapps Nursing Center in Pleasant Garden have tested positive for COVID-19. FOX8 is told some employees are sick as well. 

Administrators tell FOX8 they got confirmation about the first positive case on April 17 and made a point to test everyone, both staff and residents, as quickly as possible.

They say the problem is that several patients in the center are asymptomatic, which made it nearly impossible to catch before it was too late. 

Families are now worried about their loved ones inside.

“It was something that was always looming in the back of my mind. I know that she’s around a lot of people,” Frances Thompson said.

Thompson’s mom lives at the Clapps Nursing Center on Appomattox Road in Pleasant Garden and was worried about not if, but when residents started getting infected. 

“I had to lean on my faith and just believe this is bigger than you and I and that everything is going to be okay,” Thompson said.

Her mom is safe for now. She tested negative for COVID-19 and is separated from the 21 residents confirmed to have the virus at the facility. 

“They’re testing everyone, whether they were showing signs or not. They’re being proactive. I was informed they have well over 300 tests they received to be able to test every staff and every resident,” Thompson said.

Both of Jon-Eric Hall’s grandparents were among the first people at the nursing home to test positive for the coronavirus.

“A bunch of things go through your mind. Like research and statistics and what’s going on,” Hall said. “Can [my grandfather] do well? Will he make it through this?”

Hall found out via a phone call on April 17 that his grandfather had the virus and that staff was going to test his grandmother as well. She tested positive too. 

“It’s just a scary thing to think about, especially when you’re not able to go in and see them,” Hall said. 

He and his family check in on them daily. 

“They’re not doing any worse. They feel about the same. Their appetites aren’t quite there, but they haven’t gotten worse,” Hall said. “They have the symptoms. They’ve got the cough, but [my grandfather] is well enough to talk to me and joke with me.”

But they’re still worried.

“This is a pandemic. We’re just kind of at the mercy of time at this point. It’s hard to sit and wait, but that’s all we can do. Sit and wait and pray,” Hall said. 

He says he and his family are grateful that even though some of the staff at Clapps Nursing Center are suffering and sick as well, his grandparents are still getting the care they need to beat the virus.

“We’re really thankful that they’re at a facility that is well equipped and able to do what they need to do and take care of my grandparents,” Hall said. “And other people’s grandparents,and moms, and dads, and everyone.” 

FOX8 is told the facility is still waiting for some test results for the staff to come back. 

Outside of the nursing home is a sign that says “Heroes Work Here.” 

Administrators tell FOX8, their employees are truly heroic and sacrifice their own families to take care of other families inside. 

Officials with Clapps Nursing Center released a statement on Wednesday, saying that 12 staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The full statement is provided below:

“As soon as we learned of the positive case, we began to implement our COVID-19 response plan. As part of our response, we tested everyone in the facility because the virus had presented itself silently in so many cases.

Within 48 hours of discovering our first case, all 99 residents and more than 60 staff members had been tested. We have received test results for 98 of 99 residents and currently have 20 confirmed positive cases. Most of these residents are asymptomatic. In addition, 12 staff members have also tested positive for COVID-19. Many of them are not showing symptoms. 

Our employees have worked tirelessly since early March to follow all guidelines from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. We’ve also been busy preparing for the possibility of an outbreak. We are currently working to mitigate the spread and keep our entire Clapp’s Family safe, residents and employees alike. 

We recognize that our resident’s families are worried about their loved ones and we know you miss them dearly. We want to thank them for the immense support we have received from family members. We appreciate the trust they have placed in us to care for their loved ones. 

This has been a very challenging event for all long-term care providers, but there is one thing that I remain certain of — there are heroes working in this facility who have sacrificed their own families to take care of others. We could not be more proud to be part of a team with such dedicated and caring people.”

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