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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — After a video of a Forsyth County home break-in was caught on camera and viewed thousands of times, two of the three men deputies believe were in it have been arrested.

The two who were caught are 20-year-old Walter Marion Mackey Jr. – who was already in jail on a pending felony charge – and 17-year-old Devonte Makell Flowers. Flowers was arrested then released on an unsecured bond.

“Oh ultimate relief,” said the woman who lives inside the home, who didn’t want to be identified. “I wouldn’t say I still feel completely safe.”

The third suspect is 18 years old, on the loose and on probation. He is Gevontae Daeron Morrison, who has been convicted of 34 crimes ranging from battery on an unborn child and assault on a female; to multiple other larceny and breaking and entering charges. His latest convictions came in July, but he was released on probation.

The family who fell victim to the break-in is still feeling the effects; especially their young daughter.

“Our daughter no longer feels safe in our house and she’s terrified to be left alone now,” said the female victim. “You definitely feel violated, and feel like your safety’s been put at risk.”

The family says none of the men may have been caught had it not been for a camera called a “Canary,” which they bought for $200 after their home was broken into months back.

“And it was definitely the best $200 that we’ve ever spent,” the victim said. “Even if you have an alarm system, it’s only going to deter them for a few minutes. If they want in they’re going to go in.”

The family may even get some of their items back.

Mackey and Flowers have both been charged with felonious breaking and entering, and felonious larceny after breaking and entering. Mackey is due in court on Dec. 8.

Morrison has outstanding warrants for his arrest which include the same two felony charges.