SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Two Krispy Kreme employees were assaulted Sunday evening over the doughnut selection. Two suspects remain at large.

According to the Spartanburg Police Department, officers responded at 7:15 p.m. to Krispy Kreme located at 354 North Church Street in reference to an assault.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they found a woman employee laying on the ground.

Witnesses told police that a man and woman started an argument in the drive-thru line with the drive-thru employee.

According to the police report, the argument started because the suspect wanted donuts that Krispy Kreme did not have available.

The drive-thru employee agreed to fight the male suspect if that’s what the suspect really wanted, the police report said.

That employee went to the front door to argue with the suspects but was pulled back inside, according to the police report.

Shortly after, the two suspects came inside and tried to get behind the counter, but the woman and male employees attempted to block their entrance.

The police report said the male suspect shove the male employee to the ground causing him to hit his head on the floor.

The woman employee tried to separate the two men because she thought the suspect would continue to assault the male employee.

When she attempted to break the two men up, the woman suspect yelled, “don’t touch or talk to my man”, according to the police report. The woman suspect then shoved the woman employee to the ground.

Police said the woman employee had bruising on the right side of her chin and left eye, and the male employee had a lump on his head.

Both employees were taken to the hospital.

Police identified the male suspect as Christopher McKoy. The woman suspect has not been identified.

The police department obtained McKoy’s address and sent Greenville County deputies to his residence.

Once deputies arrived at McKoy’s residence, they did not locate McKoy or the suspect’s vehicle.

Anyone with information about McKoy’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Spartanburg Police Department.