2 dogs found dead, 1 shot, on Davidson County road

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Two dogs were found lying in a road dead.

FOX8 viewers had a lot of questions about what happened and why no one picked them up.

A Davidson County Animal Control officer tells FOX8 that it appears a vehicle hit both animals and believes someone shot one of the dogs to end its suffering.

It’s unclear when, but officers say they got a call Tuesday morning.

A Denton police officer made that call, but no one knows who shot the dog.

It will take awhile for Carlton Sink to forget the image he passed on his way to work Tuesday morning.

“I was coming around the curve and I saw two dogs laying out there,” Sink said. “They way they were laying out there, I knew something was up.”

He posted photos on social media of two dogs, lying lifeless on a back road near Denton.

“You could see the hole in the one dog who had been shot. So I posted on Facebook because it gets everything out there. I thought someone would recognize them,” he said.

Sink did not call authorities or Animal Control.

“We definitely want to have the animal seen by a veterinarian. A lot of times people think, ‘Oh, I can just humanely euthanize [the animal] myself.’ Number one, that’s not legal. That’s practicing without a license,” said Dr. Jason Hulin, a veterinarian with Davidson Animal Hospital.

He says people should always call Animal Control or the police if they come across a helpless animal.

“If you see an animal, don’t ignore it,” Hulin said. “Don’t think another person will come by and help it. Because by that point, it may be too late.”

Hulin and Sink are both worried there may be more to this story.

“How could they both be lying there perfectly like that?” Sink said. “It looks to me like someone shot it and let them off.”

They’re hoping for an investigation that can provide some answers.

“If something malicious or like ill intent did happen, I think we need to find out who’s responsible,” Hulin said. “If the dogs were shot by someone just being mean or cruel, I think that needs to be discovered and the proper action needs to be taken.”

FOX8 was told that because there is no information on what happened, Animal Control officers do not plan on launching an investigation or doing a necropsy.

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