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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Two people have been arrested and another person is wanted in what Asheville police call a series of animal cruelty acts that were circulated on social media, WLOS reports.

Shariah Jessamyn Metzger, 26, and Jace Lee Greene, 29, are charged with misdemeanor improper burial of an animal after images of what appears to be a mutilated cat were posted online. Authorities say they are looking for Zackery Eugene Greene in connection with the incident.

Warrants say Asheville police found the body of a cat at the 600 block of Haywood Road.

Veronica Coit of “Asheville Cat Weirdos” said she saw pictures of a cat’s body on Instagram and called the police.

“To think of what these monsters did to a cat that was sweet and friendly is awful,” Coit told WLOS.

Aaron Naster said he was the owner of the cat. He said the 2-year-old grey cat named Kitty was sweet, trusting and loved people.