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ARARAT, N.C. — On Sunday, shortly after 3:20 in the afternoon, the Surry County 911 center took multiple calls from concerned residents, all claiming to have either heard a loud boom or felt shaking. On some of the recordings, you can hear the callers ask if it was an earthquake. Less than 24 hours later, FOX8 was able to confirm their suspicions.

Officials with the NC Geological Survey, as well as Virginia Tech, confirmed that a 2.24-magnitude earthquake struck at 3:22 Sunday afternoon. We tracked coordinates for the epicenter, which led us to a home on Pearman Lane in Ararat.

“Didn’t know if it was a sonic boom or whatever, it was just a loud boom,” said Francis Doherty, who owns the property where the earthquake was centered.

Doherty told FOX8 that he heard the boom, then felt his house shake, but didn’t feel the ground shake. Nothing in Doherty’s home was damaged as a result.

“I mean you can have an earthquake anywhere really,” Doherty said. “It just happens to be here I guess.”

Doherty said that friends and family felt the shaking or heard the boom for miles around his home.

“I have one son and daughter-in-law that live two miles that way and they heard it,” Doherty said.

The US Geological Survey won’t show the earthquake on their website because they do not list those with a magnitude less than 2.5.