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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Seventeen dogs from Louisiana have been shipped to Greensboro after Hurricane Issac pounded the area, leaving several animals stranded.

The dogs were staying in an animal shelter in Jefferson Parish, near New Orleans, but officials said the shelter quickly became overcrowded and needed help.

An animal shelter in Charlotte picked up several dogs from Louisiana and the Guilford County Animal Shelter brought 17 dogs to Greensboro Sunday morning.

“I’m just pleased to see that the shape that they are in,” said Marissa Studident, with the Guilford County Animal Shelter. ” I don’t foresee any major medical problems. I’m just very pleased that we were able to help in such a devastating situation.”

All the dogs will go through a medical check-up.  They range in age from 8 weeks old to 8 months old and they’re all different breeds.