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GRAHAM, N.C. — About 1,500 people stood outside the Alamance County Courthouse on Saturday in support of a statue that displays a confederate soldier.

“I’m a church going man. I love church. I love God,” said a statue supporter. “I’m just here for the troops and that’s what it’s about.”

Members are part of the group “Concerned Citizens of Alamance County” and want the statue taken down because of the location.

“The statue is on government property,” said Michael Graves, President of Concerned Citizens of Alamance County. “It should be taken down because it is a symbol of the greatest injustice in this country — slavery.”

At this time, no official action has been taken to remove the statue. Graves says his organization is planning to ask commissioners to remove it in the coming weeks. That is what sparked this rally.

During the event, organizers passed around a petition to keep the statue. They’re up to 7,000 signatures.

“It doesn’t matter if people get 10,000 signatures in support of keeping the monument,” Graves said. “This is about right or wrong.”

Graves says members of his group and others in the county who are upset about the monument chose not to attend the rally.

The event was held from 12 to 2 p.m. Even through the rain, people continued to show support, chanting, praying, giving speeches and waiving Confederate flags.

Law enforcement officers were on scene, with riot gear, but didn’t have to use it. No arrest were made.

Officials estimated about 1,500 at the event.
Officials estimated about 1,500 at the event.