14-year-old nearly shot as NC neighborhood deals with stray bullets hitting houses

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UNION COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A Union County neighborhood continues to get hit by bullets, and people who live there don’t know where they’re coming from.

“You get angry and you get upset,” said mother Jodi Seiden. “That could have been life-changing, and for no reason. Completely senseless.”

Seiden’s son was sitting in the backyard of their Monroe home in the Glendalough neighborhood when a bullet whizzed past his head.

“I walked out and there was a bullet in the side of my house,” Sieden said.

The patched bullet hole in the siding of their house is still visible. There’s also a chunk of brick missing from where the bullet initially hit; it’s right next to where their 14-year-old son was sitting.

“It almost appears it hit here and shot into the house from here,” Sieden demonstrated.

The Seidens were the first of a number of families who have had someone shoot bullets into their home. A few minutes down the road, another neighbor tells FOX 46 they noticed a bullet hole in their house too.

“It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to have the conversation with our daughter to tell her, ‘look, we’ve never had to worry about it before, but if you hear gun shots now, you need to go directly inside,” one homeowner said.

The gunfire has ramped up in recent weeks. Some think it’s coming from a nearby shooting range. Police tell FOX 46 they think someone is breaking into a nearby vacant house, and shooting a gun.

Regardless, everywhere you look around the Glendalough neighborhood, there are kids, and their parents are fed up with the carelessness.

“This is where my child plays,” one neighbor said.

“Gun safety is of great importance,” Seiden said. “If you’re going to shoot a gun, you have to be responsible.”

Monroe Police believe the gunfire is coming from a home that’s technically in Union County, so the sheriff’s office is also involved. Authorities are hoping to get in contact with whoever is shooting before someone gets hurt.

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