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CORSICANA, Texas — A 14-year-old Texas boy lived inside a Walmart for four days without being noticed, according to a report from KTVT.

Employees  found the teenage boy after discovering multiple “secret hidden compounds” inside the store.

The teen apparently built two campsites inside the store, one on the aisle of baby products behind several strollers and the other behind several stacks of paper towels and toilet paper.

Customers did not notice the campsites where the boy hid necessities, slept in a makeshift bed and ate food from inside the store. The boy also made a hole in the back wall of the drink aisle so he could take juice without being seen.

The boy reportedly wore diapers instead of using the restroom because he was afraid he may get caught.

A trash trail led to the teen’s discovery, according to KTVT. Police responded to the store and the boy was released to a relative.

Child Protective Services told KTVT the boy lives with relatives but was visiting other relatives when he disappeared.

Source: KTVT