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LEXINGTON, N.C. — Wearing traditional cap and gown, 13 participants at Carolina Senior Care celebrated their graduation from several college degree and adult education programs.

Betty Dixon wanted to fulfill a life long dream of going to bible college. For over a year, Dixon went to class where she was the most “experienced” student.

“They called me Mom,” said Dixon. “It was an enjoyable experience because I have a son that’s older than half of them,” Dixon added.

The work was challenging, but with determination and help from her classmates, Dixon has a Masters in Biblical Counseling.

Through online classes, Linda Shields received a Masters in Religious/Biblical Studies.

“I want to teach the word, Shields said. “I want to teach ministers some things about the Bible. I want to teach children of all ages,” said Shields.

Iris Ingram cried tears of joy about graduating from her adult education class. Ingram explained why she was so emotional.

“This means more to me than anything in the world,” said Ingram. “My family, husband and son and daughter, they have diplomas, but I have one now,” Ingram added.

Ray Clifton stood out in his Math and English classes.

Not only did he get good grades, Clifton came to class wearing a suit, tie and hat.

He worked hard in his English class because he wanted to write her a love note.

During the graduation ceremony, Clifton read his letter to his wife who was watching via the internet.

The audience teared up as Clifton read. It was easy to explain why everyone at the graduation was a little emotional.

“It comes from the heart,” Clifton said. “It’s all true. It thrills me to death.”

The graduates hope their story will inspire the young, and not so young, to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

Carolina Senior Care is an all inclusive care program for older adults.