1 in 7 NC drivers don’t have a license

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According to a recent AAA study, one in seven drivers in North Carolina don’t have a valid driver’s license which means, most likely, they don’t have car insurance either.

NC Highway Trooper Robert Reavis patrols Forsyth County and says on average troopers pull over one driver each day driving without a license. 

“You could get in prison for that… if you’re a repeat offender… chances are very likely you could be serving some time,” said Reavis. 

Unlicensed drives are unable to get insurance which cause costly problems for licensed drivers.

When there’s a wreck involving an unlicensed driver, the person with the license often ends up paying for it. On average, each year, North Carolina drivers pay millions of dollars because of unlicensed driver.

Cecilia Pointer knows how dangerous unlicensed drivers can be.  Her 11-year-old son was hit by one.

 “I was walking and I heard something go boom… [the car], it hit me and ran over my legs,” said Pointer’s son Steven Dixon. 

Dixon was hit while walking to his bus stop a few weeks ago.  Both of his legs are in a cast. 

Dixon’s mom wants tougher punishments for those who choose to get behind the wheel without a license.   

“What has to be done, just let them drive cause that’s what it seems to be. They’re going to drive regardless,” said Pointer.

According to AAA, 21% of deadly accidents in North Carolina involve an unlicensed driver.

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