GRAHAM, NC (WGHP) — As twins, Hannah and Sarah Graham are used to sharing things.

Sarah is the oldest by 10 minutes. “Yeah. I’m a little bossy,” Sarah said.

But her sister, Hannah counters with “a lot bossy!”

One thing they didn’t expect, is that they would be sharing the graduation stage for Southern Alamance High School.

Hannah earned the honor of Valedictorian, while her sister Sarah was named Salutatorian. It is the first time a set of twins has earned the top honors in the Alamance Burlington School System. It was very close, coming down to the decimal point.

Even though she earned the top spot Hannah says her sister deserves the accolades too. “I’m proud of her because she came a long way,” she said. “So just being up there was really fun.”

“It seems really normal that we’ve like done this together because we do everything together. So, I didn’t really think about the fact that like we’re twins and sisters, and are getting like this high academic goal. It’s really nice,” Sarah said.

Even though the two were so close, they say they really didn’t feel like they were competing against each other. “Although we’re a little bit competitive, we do always help each other whenever we need it, with school work and stuff. I haven’t really felt like I needed to be better than her in any way. So we’ve kind of just been each other’s helpers in academics.”

That will continue on into college because both have decided to go to UNC Greensboro.

“At first Sarah was the one who was like, I do not want to go to the same college as you. I was open to it, but she was the one who was like, ‘Hmm, no.’ But then after I decided to go to UNCG, she was like waiting until I made that decision. And then she decided that she wanted to go there too!” Hannah said.

Because according to Sarah, it only felt natural that they would be together in college as they have been in life.

College is also where the girls will start to go their separate ways. They plan to live in different dormitories and pursue different majors. According to Sarah, she is going to UNCG to major in kinesiology, and hopefully, be a physical therapist one day.

Hannah says she is going to major in English, with dreams of writing books or being a tracher.

As they start to write that next chapter of their lives, they will have great memories from Southern Alamance, as well as the knowledge they made history in the Alamance Burlington School system.