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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. — Children today are very screen-oriented. From tablets and cell phones to computers, they grow up using technology. Schools are trying to keep up with that trend by adding technology like Smart Boards to their classrooms.

Unfortunately, funding has not been able to keep up with demand and many elementary schools are left without.

But, Pleasant Garden Elementary School has been able to keep up with the curve. Principal Brian Lehman says the school staff and parents have been working with the community on several fundraisers.

“We’ve done Zumba classes, blood drives that aren’t fundraisers per say but to give our community members exposure to Get Fit opportunities,” he says. “We provide a newsletter, healthy cooking classes. All of those types of things are things that we’ve done throughout this school year.”

So far, the school has outfitted the third, fourth, and fifth-grade classrooms with smart boards, and by the end of the year, they hope to have all classrooms included. Principal Lehman says it all because the community cares.

“We are a true community school. We understand that there are generations of students that have come through. I have third graders that have grandparents and great-grandparents that went to high school here when this was a high school. And those are some of our biggest supporters.”, Lehman said.

To help finish raising the rest of the money needed, the school is hosting a 5K walk and run on April 14 in Pleasant Garden.

Learn more about it by clicking here or calling the school at (336) 674-4321.