Teachers release rap video to welcome students back to Vandalia Elementary School

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It could be the best ice breaker ever for students at Vandalia Elementary in Greensboro: a video of their teachers rapping and welcoming them back to learning.

The school is all coming together to make it work.

“It was exciting, very fun to see all our teachers become actresses and become something different for that moment,” said Tyrell Houghton, first-grade teacher assistant. “Being able to just share the joy and seeing the smiles on it was really a great process.”

Making the video was a group effort showing almost everyone in the building, moving and dancing to a song most of the students were familiar with. But there were new lyrics written just for them by second-grade teacher Megan Lynch.

“It was definitely a process. I had a few lines in my head over the summer, and then I have a really great best friend,” she said. “She’s also a teacher here. So I told her about some of the lyrics and, you know, she thought it was a great idea and she was able to help you with the structure of it. And we just had a lot of fun really making it.”

And while the video did show the fun side of the school, Principal Stephanie Rakes said it also gave parents and students an idea of what things will look like when everyone is finally welcome back into the building.

“I think that reentering the school is a scary thing for kids and for families,” Rakes said. “I think there’s a lot of apprehension around what will the safety protocols look like? What will the building look like? And so I really appreciate that the staff wanted to show the kids a fun way. Like they wanted to take the scary out of it, you know, to make it yes, you are going to come in and you’re going to get your temperature taken. But I did too. And that’s okay. ”

For the teachers, it was a great way to get creative and still let the students know they are committed to helping them learn, virtually or not!

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