BURLINGTON, NC (WGHP) — It’s a summer camp like you’ve never seen before.

An information technology camp in Alamance County where students take apart laptops, but for a good reason.

“This is exposing them to all kinds of careers, obviously, through our career and technical education program,” says Les Atkins the ABSS Public Information Officer. “And the caveat is they are saving the district $325,000 by salvaging computer screens.”

Yes, this camp is helping to save the district $325,00 dollars!

“We have over 23,000 computers used here in the district,” says Atkins. “So if a student breaks a screen, this coming school year, they’ll be using one of these salvaged screens, that these students salvaged over the summer.”

But the students are reaping the benefits too.

According to Nathan Mitchell, a rising senior at Western High School, he is learning a lot. “I really like that it’s very hands on with computers you’re actually getting in and with the hardware rather than just working on software,” he says. “I’ve learned a lot about how to replace screens and inner workings of the computer where wires go.”

Another Western High School rising senior Colin Vernon agrees. “I didn’t know much about it. I thought you had to buy new screens each time. I thought you had to buy a new Chromebook every time, like a student broke one. So, it really is interesting to learn that you can take ones from old computers that are their software’s going to go out of date, but their computer screen’s fine. And they’ll work on new ones.”

While the students are working on the computers, they’re also learning about other opportunities during the school year, like available technology classes and internships.

“It’d be really interesting to get job experience instead of just taking class. Um, cause I, I really like doing this helps people save time and you know, do things that they otherwise would spend their time doing, which I can do,” Vernon says.

“It’s definitely something I’m going to think about doing in the future. It’s one of the options for school is that for one of my blocks, instead of a class, I’m going to do an internship with technology. I think I’m gonna do that next year,” Mitchell says.

It’s a win-win for all.

“We’re so proud of the work these students are doing because, obviously they’re helping the district and they’re learning so much themselves,” says Atkins.

All while they are having fun.