Rankin Elementary STEM Camp students learn ‘the future is electric’

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The front of this bus says it all: The Future is Electric!

That’s what these Rankin Elementary STEM Camp students are about to learn. For the first time, they are riding an electric bus that will take them to the Greensboro Depot for a tour.

According to Rankin Elementary School volunteer Crystal Black, the students are excited to learn about how STEM is a part of the transportation industry.

She said, “The group that we have are engaged in science already. They ask great questions. They’re interested.”

Most of these young scientists have never been on a public transportation bus before, much less the electric “Energy Bus”.

However, the bus and the sustainability it stands for plays well into what the camp is trying to teach these students — that no matter your race or cultural background, STEM plays a role in so many areas of life today.

According to Black, “They ask great questions. They want to know the connections between STEM and the places that we are visiting. Today with GTA and their graciousness of having us and hosting us, they were able to see the energy bus, how it moves and operates throughout the city and how its actually a sustainable source for the residents of Greensboro.”

The tour of the Depot included a little history lesson and the opportunity to see technology in action. It was the perfect place to spark young imaginations about what their futures could hold.

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