Kennedy High School students to use MTV contest winnings for voter registration event with free food in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Kennedy High School classes may be all virtual right now, but that’s not stopping the student government association from taking action this election season.

Last spring the students held a mock primary and nonpartisan voter registration event. So, their sponsor entered that event into a MTV/When We All Vote contest, and they won $5,000.

Kennedy was named one of 20 schools across that nation to get the money to use for their prom.

“We were so excited when we won $5,000 for our school, but since it was right at the beginning of the pandemic, of course, prom was canceled,” said Sara Church the SGA sponsor. But MTV held a virtual prom for the students and told them to use the money for something else to benefit the school by the end of the year.

During one of the SGA’s virtual meetings, the group got an idea. 

“One of my students mentioned, ‘Well, what if we did some sort of outdoor event where we provided food for people and then also had the option to register to vote while they were there?” said Church.

Even though many of them aren’t old enough to vote yet, they still realize its importance.

“Voting is important to me. It’s our voice is our future and that’s our lie and all the votes at up,” said Jessica Martone, a junior. “And so it can help in any way possible. Um, so I just think it’s really, really important for us to vote because it can affect our future.”

The group planned and organized the event which is scheduled to be held Saturday, Oct. 2 in the Kennedy High School parking lot.

Participants do have to wear masks, but the food will be free!

RJ Reynolds High School was also one of the 20 schools to win the money as well.

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