‘Huge’ award sets Southeast Guilford High School apart from every other Triad school

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — While the classrooms may not have students right now, there is still a lot of learning going on at Southeast Guilford High School.

A lot has changed since the pandemic hit. But one thing that Principal Dr. Mark Seagraves says will never change is the importance of character in the school’s work and activities.

“It’s big, you know, and it’s a foundation of what we build on for all total school improvement efforts,” said Seagraves.

The school was recently named a “State School of Character” by Character.org, the only school in the Triad to get this designation and one of only two in the state.

According to Assistant Principal Jana Tasich, it comes down to an old but simple lesson.

“We really focus on, I think at the end of the day, kind of the golden rule, you know?” she said. “Be good to others, and they’ll be good to you.”

This is the second time the school has won the award. In 2016, Southeast went on to be named a “National School of Character.”

Since then, Dr. Seagraves says they’ve continued to build on the school’s relationship with service organizations and the community.

The school’s social media accounts reflect that involvement, both pre-COVID and during the pandemic. Fun competitions like the Falcon Cup raising money to help charities near and far. All of their actions, celebrating great character.

“It’s so important to go ahead and celebrate,” said Tasich “You know, some people might see them as small successes, but all those small successes lead to a much bigger success. And for us to be, to go ahead and celebrate the State School of Character, obviously during a pandemic, is huge. And we still look for different ways and just get creative when it comes to service learning. And we ask, you know, ‘Hey, where can we help?'”

So even though this year may not be remembered for the activity in the halls, it will definitely be remembered for the activity of the heart.

“We call ourselves the Falcon family all the time,” Tasich said. “You know, once a Falcon, always a Falcon, whether you’re here for one day or you’re here for 20 years, and just trying to uphold those values and character has just been huge. And so being named it during this really difficult time is huge.” 

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