Haw River fifth grader pens letter to Santa asking him to be safe when delivering presents through the pandemic

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HAW RIVER, N.C. — Lots of children are writing to Santa this time of year, giving him their wish lists for Christmas. But one local fifth grader took a different approach in his letter to Santa. 

Braxton Knight said he is worried about Santa this year.

The 11-year-old told his mom it wasn’t gifts that he was concerned about but Santa’s health.

“He knew that Santa was going in everyone’s houses, and he wanted Santa to be safe,” his mother said. 

So when his teacher at Haw River Elementary School assigned a writing exercise, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

“He told me, he said, ‘Ms. Sheridan, we need to write a letter to Santa,'” McKinzie Sheridan said. “And when I asked him why he told me exactly what he shared, that Christmas would not be Christmas if Santa gets sick or if there’s some reason that he can’t travel, that we needed to let him know all of the rules that we’ve had in place since the spring since we’re used to them. And we see they’re helping, and he wanted him to know those same guidelines.”

So he wrote a letter to Santa outlining the measures he should take to stay safe while on his route on Christmas Eve.

“It’s like something new, a new virus,'” Braxton said. “Isn’t Santa Claus is an old man? I didn’t know. I don’t know how he’d be safe during Christmas Eve with this coronavirus. Like some people are sick and have the coronavirus, and if they, their kids who’ve been good and he goes down the chimney, he could catch some germs.”

He didn’t want that to happen.

“If Santa was sick, he couldn’t go to everyone’s house from and come back to the North Pole, cause he could come down with something,” Braxton said.

But it’s not just Santa that Braxton is worried about. There’s also the elves. Braxton included them in his instructions for Santa as well. 

“They cannot make the toys if they’re sick,” he said.

Braxton’s mom said, “He’s always thinking about others before himself, his little sister, his brother, and how he can help with them or what he can help out in the house with. So he’s always thinking of everyone else before his self.”

And that’s why he signed the letter, “Love, Kids in America.” Because he says “Yeah, Christmas will be ruined if Santa never came.”

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