Greensboro community makes a big difference in helping Grimsley High School junior gather food for food pantry

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Grimsley High School Junior Jenna Toben loves to brag about her Westerwood neighborhood.

She tells  anyone who will listen, “I’m lucky enough to have the most amazing neighborhood.”

She has reason to be proud. She recently went to each home leaving a flyer asking for food donations to the Grimsley Food Pantry.

“The people that live here, the parents, most of them went to Grimsley, and the kids, most of them went to Grimsley, ” said Toben “I knew it was just how supportive everyone is here, that they would donate and they would support me.”

She says the response so far has been amazing.

“And we’ve already had so much food. We have it like half upstairs half in the basement, like every day I’m carrying up bags. Like I bring up the bin at night, and people still at like 9 o’clock, they’ll bring me back. And I’m like, ‘Seriously, like thank you.’ I can’t, I just can’t even thank people enough for this,” Toben said.

Grimsley Food Pantry club president Sydney Smith agrees.

She held her own food drive for the pantry last month and people in her neighborhood helped too.

She said, “I know a lot, a lot of people are struggling right now, and food is definitely a necessity. That’s why both students are doing all they can to make a difference. I know Grimsley. Grimsley has a wide area of people that can’t get food every day,” said Smith. “And the food pantry really gears towards families. Right now we have 123 families that we serve. So getting the food to them is really a big deal.”

Toben adds, “It’s horrible right now for many people and everyone gets affected, I feel like in their own way by this. And something that came to my attention, I was thinking about it. I was like, ‘OK, so free breakfast, free lunches.’ You know, like kids that needed that, they would go to the school and get that. Now they can only get it if they have transportation, but what are the odds that if they already need a free lunch or free breakfast, how are they going to get there? So this is something. That’s why on our little flyer, we have breakfast items especially, or little snacks like that, because that’s really what people need to get access to.”

Once a month, the club members put on the masks and gloves and head to the school to organize the donations. It gives them encouragement during these trying times.

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