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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — When COVID-19 took away Cash Elementary School’s ability to have in-person chorus performances, the music teacher, Adam Mitchell found another way to showcase his students’ talents.


Working with the art classes, he just finished editing his school’s production of “Twas the Week Before Christmas.” It’s a storybook come to life.

 “We haven’t had a chance to do any sort of school-wide functions since 2019. I thought it was really appropriate to bring back a piece that was last performed for the student body in 2019 in a way that encapsulates our student body and have them bring that piece to life in a new way with kind of this new virtual medium that we’ve acquired and developed over the pandemic, but also in a way that can reach a wider audience through the video,” Mitchell said.

He teamed up with art teacher Kristine Beam for the production. Her classes worked together to create the storyboard backdrops for the video.

“I didn’t tell them how to draw it. I just gave them, we, they brainstorm the ideas for their class. So I really wanted them to be the main focus of their art. You know, not so much me telling them, but them thinking about how to take a theme, develop it, plan it and execute it and put it together,” Beam said.

The music students then recorded the narration. sound effects and singing plus they acted out the different roles.

Fifth-grader Paisley Leonard said she narrated the title page and the ending page for “Twas the week before Christmas.” “And it was very fun. I liked it a lot.”

While third-grader Emmy Largent had several parts. “My first one was an elf. My second one was making a sound effect of snowflakes falling on my brother’s head. And my third one was crying as a baby and my fourth one was singing,” she said.

Justice Burns played Santa Claus! “I was pretty nervous and, but it came out really good and it inspired me to do cool stuff,” he said.

And that’s the purpose of the entire project, to inspire, motivate and get students to create great things.

Since they can’t have a typical concert during these Covid times, Mr. Mitchell did the next best thing. He uploaded the performance to YouTube. Now people from all over can enjoy the Cash Elementary talent.