PLEASANT GARDEN, NC (WGHP) — There is lots of fun going on at Camp Joy in Pleasant Garden. Day after day campers enjoy fun activities thanks to their counselors and some great volunteers who help the all-inclusive camp run smoothly.

According to Sharon Williams, the adaptive and inclusive recreation coordinator for Greensboro Parks and Recreation, the volunteers really keep the camp running smoothly.

“Without the volunteers, we would not be able to have Camp Joy,” she said. “We have over 20 staff that are here. But we like to have at least two or three volunteers per cabin. And the teenagers, the volunteers that come out here are excited. They have compassion. They really fall in love with our campers. And it’s a great support.”

The volunteers come from local high schools. Some, like McKenzie Moore, are earning service-learning hours for their work.

The Northern Guilford High School junior says she “really enjoys meeting all the campers and doing all the activities. And it’s a really great way to get service hours while also having a whole bunch of fun.”

For Charlotte Saunders, it’s year two of volunteering at Camp Joy.

She says she “grew up going to summer camp. I went to Camp Cheerio for, like, seven years of my life, and I think that everyone should be able to have that opportunity because it helped me grow and become who I am.”

Plus, she says, she is gaining valuable experience she can use at Greensboro Day School.

“I actually am a co-founder of a club called Best Buds at my school that works with kids with disabilities,” she said. “So I have some experience, but yeah, it definitely gave me a lot more experience.”

Whether they are helping with an art project or delivering lunches, both volunteers admit, it’s the new friendships they’ve made that truly make their time worthwhile.

“It’s such a great experience to come out here and meet everybody and see people that I like that I don’t get to interact with very often at my school,” Moore said. “So to be here and have a good experience. It’s so fun.”

Saunders agrees.

“They’re super fun to work with,” Sanders said. “I love connecting with them, especially the younger ones and just getting to be with them throughout the weeks.”

They all go home physically exhausted but mentally fulfilled.

“By the end of the summer, being able to talk to them, you really see a change from day one to the very end of the summer,” Williams said. “When they’re out here, they build a lot of friendships out here with a lot of our campers, and it’s just really great to see.”

And it happens summer after summer.