BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Inside the gym at the Burlington Christian Academy a fine-tuned assembly line of love is in action.

Students at the school are packing nutritional, mobile meals because they know hunger is a real problem across the world. They’ve studied it. They’ve seen it.

Some have even lived it.

Like 4th grader Ellie Munday. “I was once one of those kids because I was born in Haiti, I was adopted, and I came here and it means so much for me that we get to do this at BCA, to get to feed food to all these different countries and places that really need help,” she said.

It’s a larger-than-life problem, but by doing this the students can feel helpful instead of helpless.

“It’s important to me because I think it gives us a chance to recognize a need in the world,” says SCA President Nick Clark. “And then we also get to go out and help with part of that need.”

They are “Serving the Solution” with the help of the nonprofit Feed the Hunger. BCA Administrator Laura Ferrara says each meal fit a specific need. 

“In each bag there are four ingredients. And you have the dehydrated vegetables, you have beans, you have a vitamin mix, which has all the nutritional items that they need, that they don’t have access to in their daily diet. And then it has rice.”

She says it’s enough to fill bellies and feed souls both here and abroad. 

“I love that because right now in a world where they’re bombarded by a lot of crisis and they don’t know what to do, but they want to help. This is a small way that has a huge and lasting impact that they can do something when they feel helpless.”

They’ve been packing meals for nine years now. Teachers and administrators say it gives the student a new perspective of the world.

“One of the things that they don’t have or can lose sight of in their own little world and their own community is that there are people around the world dealing with really difficult things,” says Ferarra. “And so, this gives some perspective of what is happening globally and how they can participate and that their actions here can affect people and Sri Lanka and Haiti and Ukraine. And that’s so significant because that’s how we raise these children, the future generations to change the world that we’re living in right now.”

Joe Williams knows. As the CEO of Feed the Hunger, he lives this every day. “It’s a great and practical way to serve our fellow man. It’s two great things about packing food in this kind of environment. One is regardless of your age and ability level, there’s a job for everyone. And secondly, in a time when the world country is so divided, coming together in a setting like this is something we can all agree on is helping kids in need.”

He says it demonstrates faith in action

“We can say we love people, but if we’re not demonstrating simple acts of kindness and then how can we prove we love them. And so that’s why it’s so rewarding to be able to share love in such a practical way through the provision of food.”

Changing lives, giving hope in a simple way.  One meal at a time. The students packed more than fifty-thousand meals in just one day. Many of them will go to help the war-torn people of Ukraine.