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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Shannon Carney’s 6th-grade language arts classes are busy at work before the holiday break.

They are putting together care kits for the homeless.

Shannon Carney
“We read a story, every year. We read it last week, that has a homeless character in it. And from there we just started talking about the homeless and why people are homeless. And we talked about making homeless care kits and the students got really excited about it,” Shannon Carney explained.

So excited that the next day the students started bringing in the supplies to make the kits.

Lots of supplies!

It told her something about her students… they care.

“I thought me being able to bring in food and being able to give it to people it would help them out, cause they need it more than we do,” Aaydien Leigh, one of Carney’s 6th graders, said.

“There’s a lot of compassion and that’s what we’re trying to teach here and learn, and just everybody wants to help everybody in the community and that’s, that’s important. And I think they see how important it is. And, not just this time of year, but you know, every day showing compassion,” Carney said.

As they put their kits together, they chose the items carefully.

“Some of these things would be really helpful like, that people would need, that they don’t have,” Kennedy Coller, another one of Carney’s students, said.

And they included handmade cards in their care kits, written with words of comfort.

“For me it made me feel like I really want to give to the homeless more. And I felt really bad that there are people out there that are like that,” 6th grader Jeremiah McQueen said.

And that’s why they all felt the need to help.

“This can give them a little bit of hope you know in the world,” Keren Saucedo said.

With these care kits, it’s safe to say that the recipients won’t be the only ones smiling. Giving back to their community created a sense of joy and accomplishment in the kids, too.

“It brings me joy to give. And it just makes me happy,” Coller said.