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EAGLEVILLE, Tenn. — Preston Bryan, a Tennessee boy with cerebral palsy, scored his first touchdown at a football game Saturday night.

Both teams agreed to let Preston run the first touchdown of the game – and every player ran along with him. Coaches, refs and members of the opposing team also joined in.

Because of 10-year-old Bryan’s condition, he is not usually able to play with his Eagleville Junior football team

But last weekend, when Bryan requested to play, he got his chance.

Thanks to his team, the rival team and his dad, Bryan got to play and even score a touchdown.

Fifth and sixth grade members of the Middle Tennesse Christian School faced off against Eagleville – but Bryan was the star that night.

“He was so excited and he told me mom, I need to do it every week for my fans, ” said Preston’s mother.

It was an emotional experience for his father as well, as he pushed Preston’s wheelchair down the field to victory.

“I told them after I got done that it’s hard to hold a football, push a wheel chair and cry all at the same time and know where you are going.”

Preston was born six weeks early, but his family says he doesn’t let his disability hold him back.