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Spring means changes to the way we dress, the temperature and our skin, too.  This morning, Dr. Victor Ferrari visited FOX8 with some advice for spring cleaning our skin. Below are his tips.

  • First, don’t over-scrub, over-clean, and over-treat the skin on your face for spring. Winter may have chapped and damaged the outermost protective layer of skin, which can expose skin to irritants and bacteria.
  • Rebuild the skin with a good moisturizer.
  • Smoother skin comes from hydration with exfoliation. The best way to slough off face dry skin cells is with gentle scrubs and exfoliating agents which combine a conditioning beta-hydroxy formula with micro beads to leave healthy and smooth. Beta-hydroxies loosen the dead skin cells of the epidermis, making room for new growth.
  • Cleaning facial skin with mild, unscented soaps is essential. They won’t strip away natural oils that help maintain a healthy outer-skin layer.
  • Once your skin is clean and moisturized, make your that you use a SPF 30 or higher in the sun and treat it to complexion-benefiting makeup packed with moisturizers and vitamins.
  • Use Makeup which is infused with SPF 15 for a little extra sun protection.
  • If you’re acne prone or have very oily skin opt for face makeup that contains zit-fighting salicylic acid.

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